Regional Office for Software Technology Parks Of India, Chennai

By the time STPI decided to construct an office for itself in Chennai, the Information Technology sector had not only established itself as a major industry in the country, but had also created an identity of its own in India through buildings that paraded technology through an abundant use of glass and metal composite panels. STPI, being the government agency set up to facilitate growth in this sector, was keen to identify with this image regardless of its lack of relevance to the geography and climate of the region. Therefore saddled with a set of preconceived parameters, the design process was an attempt to mitigate its negative effects while exploiting those potentials that these high technology materials offered. Reflective glass was used, but with heavy shading devices on the east and west faces. The west face was further shaded by a buffer zone of trees. On the north, the use of glass offered an unobstructed view of the city from the upper levels that accommodated the cafeteria and STPI's offices. Aluminum composite panels which offered a good choice of colours and which were fade resistant and permanent, were used for facing the exterior masonry walls.

The site is prominently located in the heart of the IT development on Rajiv Gandhi Salai. However the only access to it is through a wide passage connecting its north-east corner to Taramani Road. This problem was addressed in the design by creating a curved front facade and a terraced plaza which was oriented diagonally towards the entrance. This also helped angle the building away from the rear of the neighbouring site and face the intersection of the two major roads directly.

In recognition of the youthful work force and the long hours they are required to work in the IT industry, the interior design reflects the colourful exterior to create a cheerful ambience in the workplace.

Client : Software Technology Parks Govt of India.

Area : 11,850 sq m

Location : Chennai

Role : Architectural & Engineering Design and Project Management

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