Office Building at Anna Salai, Chennai

THE SITE is a prominent location in the central business district of Chennai with a small office building constructed in its south west corner in the seventies. The new office is designed as an 'L' around this forming a wide common entrance in between. The building is set back from the street by 15m forming a plaza in front. Both arms of the 'L' have a receding floor plan forming exclusive landscaped terraces for offices. These terraces are large enough to grow shrubbery that act as buffers to filter traffic noise and the harsh light of the western sun. In addition the glass windows facing the terraces are shaded by aluminum pergolas. The exterior is faced with granite: dry-fixed using a clamping system of stainless steel. The facade is largely polished granite, but has trim lines of flame-finished stones to break the monotony.

The building area is 6600m2. It consists of four floors and a basement for parking. All the building utilities except the electrical mains are roof mounted. Additional condensers for air-conditioning are provided in the service core on each floor. Data distribution on each floor is above the false ceiling.

The small existing office building in one corner of the site which was built in the early seventies was given a face lift and a plaza was created between the two to integrate it with the new development.

Client : C. Ramakrishna

Area : 6600 sq m

Location : Chennai

Role : Architectural & Engineering Design and Project Management

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