We believe good design is produced through a collaborative process involving many disciplines

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

Truck & Bus Plant

One of the most comprehensive industrial complexes designed and constructed in recent times, where all facilities starting with research to manufacturing and assembly totaling to 315,000m2 were built in a single phase on a greenfield site.


We believe good design should be socially responsible and environmentally sustainable

Powerica Diesel Generators

Regional Office & Service Centre

Being a company involved in the energy business, Powerica was keen to project their sensitivity to being energy-efficient. The design of their new regional office and service centre that was constructed in Chennai explores various cost effective solutions with this objective in mind.


We believe good design is brought into being through a transparent and efficient process

A Fully Digitised Process

At PTK a seamless computerised design process improves design quality and ensures accuracy, producing well co-ordinated solutions. It also enables transparent and easy access to authorised stake holders for monitoring project parameters.